What’s your Turn Around Time on repairs?

Typical turn around time on most standard repairs that are dropped off to our store is one week. Please note that items shipped to us require an additional week for shipping. Occasionally additional time is required on a repair. In this instance the customer is notified ahead of time and generally quoted a turn around time upon the time the item is received.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries at owners expense.

Can you fix shoes while I wait?

Yes, some repairs can be done while the customers waits. Any of our staff will give a relative time frame for how long they need to complete repairs at the time the item is received.

Do you do shoe shines while I wait?

Yes, certainly most shoes can be shined relatively quick unless theres any underlying damage, we can discuss options.

Do you fix Bags and Purses?

Yes we do, we have been fixing and repairing bags and handles as long as we have been fixing shoes. Many repair options are available. Any of our staff may assist you.

Do you fix or shorten Belts?

Yes we shorten belts, we fix and restore belts as well. We also punch holes for belts. Any of our staff can assist with hole punching, shortening of belts. Sometimes a more specialized approach is needed and may take up to a week or less for modification.

Do you re-dye Bags and shoes?

Dye work is complicated and very specialized. All colors have to be custom mixed and depending on the job can take up to a month for a bag or pair of shoes to be done properly. All dye work is custom made to order and requires discussion with the customer to achieve proper results. Patience with dye work is appreciated.

My Dog ate my shoes can anything be done?

We get this one a lot. Yes, we fix shoes and garments that have been over loved by pets. Some repairs can be very difficult and matching materials a challenge. We do everything we can to restore an item back to what it once was. Please discuss the job with the technician who will be doing the repair so we may both have a clear understanding of your expectations. Please view our dog chew repair gallery to see the success we have had restoring shoes that were considered finished.

What can I do to keep my shoes in good shape?

There are many techniques that can be practiced for self shoe care. we have a decent selection of fine products to aid you in keeping up on your footwear and garments. For more in depth work, we always recommend you let us take of the hard jobs. Anyone of our staff can recommend basic shoe care for customers.

My shoes don`t fit, can anything be done?

We have may techniques and products to aid in getting shoes to fit better. Some off the shelf products might provide a quick fix. If adjustment to shoes or boots to help them fit better is required, discussion and fittings are performed to help the customer make the best decision on what to do. We also stretch shoes to help make room where its needed. No two feet are often the same.

I need to ship my shoes to you, do you do that?

Yes, we do shipping all over the world. All you have to do is contact Trio Shoe Service with your name and contact information, include all this information with the item being shipped to us. When your item arrives we will contact you for payment and any additional service and information. When the items are completed we will get them back in the mail as soon as possible for return shipping.

Do you take Amex?

Yes, we accept all valid forms or payment. (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, certified check, Cashiers check, Cash, Paypal)

Can I pay for my item after the work is done?

Generally all service work done by Trio Shoe Service is pay in advance. This helps our staff finish completion of all items in a timely manner so we can get your items back to you as soon as possible.